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PC Care Biz has been consistently rated as one of the top PC repair shops in Salt Lake City, UT. What makes us great is the personalized touch we give to every individual customer’s PC that comes through our doors.

Being locally owned and operated we are in a unique position to offer a more personalized service to all our clients. This makes us more in tune with the needs of our clients and the ability to personalize our services to meet all requests involving computer repair and laptop repair services. We will meet your deadline and ensure that all your issues have been resolved quickly. Need a Pc repair shop contact us now!

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One of the great things about being locally owned is that we understand the needs of our great community, we, therefore, decided to offer free computer diagnosis across the board. This means that you bring in your computer or laptop and we figure out the problem for you at no charge. We will even structure all the work needed on your machine to meet your preferred schedule, thus ensuring you are back to work in the shortest time possible.

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Our Services on Offer:

Desktop Computer Repair

Is your PC not powering on?, has it been slow lately? Or are some functions not working. No need to stress at PC Care Biz we are experts in solving hardware and software issues.

Laptop Repair

We repair all the different brands of laptops locally, that means you can expect to benefit from low waiting times for your machine to be fix. We take pride in our work and ensure your laptop is returned promptly as good as new.

Virus and Malware Removal

Every desktop and laptop in our care receives a free virus scan, this lets you stay safe from malicious software and online criminals. That is why our clients regard us as the best PC repair shop in the area.

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Fast Service and Prompt Feedback

Being a local PC repair shop we strive to ensure that our clients benefit from quick and professional service. We constantly work to improve our turnaround times on repairs and customer engagement to ensure that our clients are up to date on important information regarding their PCs and laptops.

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Competitive Prices

One of the reasons we are the best PC repair shop is that our clients benefit from the most affordable prices on their computer repairs. We offer flat fees for each service on offer, which means no markups on parts or hidden chargers on repairs.

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Local Repair Shop

Since we are also members of our community we are interested in genuinely solving all your computer repair needs, we are known for our family-friendly atmosphere that ensures our technicians provide a personalized service to every client. We will even inform clients of new updates or services that their machines qualify for, this ensures that your PC and laptop are running efficiently always. So next time you’re in need of professional and friendly service, please visit us at PC Care Biz, the best computer repair shop locally, and join our family of satisfied customers.

PC Care Biz

PC Care Biz is the place for all your Laptop and Pc repair with services with a personalized touch. Call the best pc repair shop in Utah.