Salt Lake City, UT Repair Shop of Desktop Computers

This Computer repair shop gives excellent services in Salt Lake City, UT. This answers the question on Computer repair what area do you service. Besides, this computer repair DML offers the most ideal solution for all the repair needs associating with business computers. We are known widely because of our unique and great services in the provision of superior customer, timeless and professional overall customer services.

If you are in Salt Lake City, UT, and are in search of a shop that is reliable when it comes to delivery of the best computer-related services, the Professional computer repair service Salt Lake City, UT shop is the best solution for you. Their main goal is to guide in the provision of exemplary high-quality services. Besides, we aim to cement our relationship with customers so the sake of future services. Thus when you work with PC Care Biz, you will have the best customer care that will offer you quality services whenever you have a question that rises. It is time you try us out and you will have certainty of unique and quality services and thus you will have an assurance of great overall satisfaction at all times.

When the services you want require the purchase of hardware, we will expect you to pay a deposit. The main reason why we ask for the deposit is that we require the money in the purchase of the computer hardware. In the case of labor, you will pay after we are done with the services and are ready to pick up your computer.

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The Main Computer Repairs that We Offer

We offer a variety of computer-related services. Majorly, these services consist of common Home computer repair service associated with desktop computers. We are in a position to fix all the different kinds of problems associated with computers. These services majorly consist of:



  • Jack/port power repairs
  • Computer freezes
  • The computer fails to start
  • Supply power replacement
  • Motherboard failure
  • RAM replacement and upgrades
  • Slow computers
  • Failure of motherboards
  • Replacement of motherboards
  • Storage and disk upgrades
  • Fans and overheating
  • Replacement of the thermal paste
  • Removal of malware virus
  • Reloading and wiping of systems
  • Data backup
  • Solder of PC
  • SSD hard drive repairs
  • Data recovery
  • Issues with keyboard

Computer repair FAQ

Should I bring the Power Cords and Monitors with my Computer?

Mostly, we do not need your power cords and monitor. Majorly, we do not ask for the monitor in the case where the computer requires a fix on the tune-up used in performance, malware/virus challenges, issues with a hard disk, and software-related problems. Whenever you have monitor-related issues and problems and computer power issues, you should carry the related devices and cables.

Total Cost of the Repair Procedure

The overall cost of computer repair depends on the labor and parts which need a replacement. Before we start on the overall repair process, we will offer you a flat price. There is no time in which we will raise the given price even in the case where we get to spend more on the overall repair process. However, note that we ask for a deposit before we start the repair process. The deposit shows you are committed to having your computer back.

Can I bring my Laptop on Weekends or Evenings?

The answer is No. We only accept dropping of computers within our office hours. During office hours, you do not require an appointment to visit us. All you need is to come to our office anytime we are open and drop your computer.