A leading professional computer repair shop in Salt Lake City, UT.

PC Care Biz is a professional computer and laptop repair service provider in Salt Lake City, UT. We’re a locally owned business that offers professional and affordable computer repair services. PC Care Biz was established to make laptop and computer repair services accessible to everyone within the region. Besides, our business focuses on educating our clients on various laptop and computer problems and resolving them.

PC Care Biz specializes in offering various computer and laptop repair services such as;

  • Repair of laptops and desktop computers
  • Software update and installation
  • Virus or malware removal
  • Screen repair
  • Hard disk recovery

We also offer repair and customization services for gaming computers. On the other hand, all our computer and laptop repair services are concluded within a few days, and at times we might even complete the repair within the same day.

We have a team of professional technicians who are conversant with all computer and laptop models on the market. Thus, we do all the repairs in our Salt Lake City, UT shop. We don’t ship your computer to be repaired by third parties as some repair shops do. PC Care Biz has enough staff ready to start working on your machine immediately you come to us. We’re a time-bound computer repair shop that ensures all services are delivered within the shortest possible to allow our customers to get back to their duties.

Our Mission: Quality Service, Customer Satisfaction & Trust

At PC Care Biz, our core values are customer-centered. Our priority is to offer high-quality services, ensure 100% customer satisfaction and build a long-term working relationship with you.

When you come to us, our staff will be interested in understanding your projects, goals, and deadlines. This helps us meet your needs and interests without affecting your working schedule. You’re not just a customer to us. You’re part of our family. Visit our shop today and feel the difference.

Why choose PC Care Biz Computer and laptop repair services?

You might be wondering why we’re the best on the market and why you should always come to us when your computer or laptops develop problems;

1. Excellent track record

Over the years, we’ve built a sizeable loyal customer base thanks to our high-quality computer and laptop repair services. We serve clients in and around Salt Lake City, UT. Besides, we’re a top-rated computer repair center in the region.

2. Experienced & professional staff

We have a team of professional, experienced, and skilled technicians who understand different laptop and computer models on the market. Besides, our team ensures good communication with the clients throughout the repair process.

3. Affordability

Despite providing high-quality and professional Computer and laptop repair services, our prices are pocket-friendly. We also offer special pricing for small businesses and bulk repair services. Besides, we offer free computer diagnosing service to all our clients.

4. Train interns

PC Care Biz offers an internship program to nurture and train teens interested in gaining valuable computer and laptop repair skills.

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Donate Old Computers

PC Care Biz accepts old computer donations, including accessories and computer parts. Please donate it to us if you have an office machine, general office supplies, or hardware you no longer use. These donations help us to offer our services at an affordable fee. Besides, we refurbish some donations and offer them to our customers at a low cost or free through our Hardship Program.

Computer and laptop repair services in Salt Lake City, UT

Enjoy high-quality computer repair services at an affordable fee. Visit our shop or contact us for more details about our services. Our customer support desk is available 24/7 to listen to you and respond to all your inquiries.