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PC Care Business managed services platform is an all encompassing IT solution, built with your business needs in mind. We are dedicated to keeping your technology infrastructure up and running smoothly so that you can focus on your core business needs.

Pc Care Business IT offers Managed IT Services for small to mid-sized businesses looking for better services. PC Care Business offers multiple levels of IT Services, ranging from basic Help Desk, IT Management,Cloud services, and IT Consulting. We pride ourselves on having a high-level technical staff, providing the latest technologies to service your business.

Having Problems?

Is your business currently suffering from any of the following issues?

  • Do you find yourself managing your IT, not your IT provider
  • Are response times delaying productivity and frustrating staff
  • Are lingering issues interrupting your business and staff productivity
  • How comfortable are you with the IT staff assigned by your provider
  • Are you even sure your IT provider monitors your backups
  • Have you lost trust in your IT provider

Our approach is proactive so you can focus on your business’ priorities, not IT.

At PC Care Business, we work with you and your business to find the right services and solutions to keep your business up and running 24/7/365. We understand that every minute, hour, or day lost to downtime can be a burden to your business. The truth is, the fewer problems your business has, the more productive our customers and PC Care Business can be. So we take the time and invest in making sure our customer’s servers, workstations, and applications are proactively monitored and maintained 24 hours a day.

Why PcCareBusiness?

Benefits of PC Care Business Managed IT Services:

  • Assigned Technical Team – System and staff familiarity
  • Knowledgable technical staff – Solve problems the first time
  • 24/7 Availability – There when your business and staff need IT
  • Helpdesk support for desktops, laptops and personal devices
  • Backup Continuity – Ensure the protection of your data
  • PROACTIVE – So your business doesn’t respond to technology reactively

Small business owners may not always be able to afford in-house IT teams like their larger counterparts, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their IT problems are any smaller. A single problem with their IT systems could be enough to keep them from doing business as usually, and since they usually lack dedicated IT professionals on staff, it can be much more difficult for them to get back up and running in the aftermath of a system outage.

So, what’s a small business owner to do? People who run a business with just a few employees are typically used to taking on a wide variety of responsibilities for themselves, but trying to learn how to handle complicated IT problems takes up time that business owners could be using to focus on serving customers better.

Fortunately, with managed IT services, small businesses are able to get the IT help they need, without having to pay for an in-house IT team that they can’t afford. By taking advantage of managed IT services, business owners get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that experienced IT professionals will always be available to help them when they need it, but that they won’t have to pay for that help when they don’t need it. This flexible arrangement helps free up more time and more money for your business, both of which are precious resources you need to be successful.

PC Care Business became the leading provider of managed IT services for small businesses by providing dedicated, 100 percent local IT technicians, and a level of customer service that exceeds the industry standard. We understand that the IT needs of small businesses differ from the needs of large companies, and we strive to meet those needs while also staying within our customers’ budgets. To find out more about what managed IT services from PC Care Business can do for your organization, contact us today.

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