Data as a Service, and What it Means for Business Owners

The development of new cloud computing technologies has created a number of different opportunities for business owners to take advantage of more efficient and cost-effective operation. One of the greatest examples of this trend can be found in Data as a Service (DaaS).

Similar to other, more well-known cloud technologies like Software as a Service (SaaS), DaaS gets its name because it involves the delivery of a commodity (in this case, data) by a service provider on an as-needed basis.

The implications of DaaS for business owners are huge. For one thing, we are living in an era when businesses need to be able to access data quickly and easily in order to compete. Businesses can analyze data in order to gain useful insights that can help them make better decisions quicker, so it’s no exaggeration to say that a business’ data is one of the most important assets it has.

However, it is not realistic for all businesses to collect and manage their own data. The resources businesses need to manage their own databases, including servers and the data scientists needed to manage them, are out of the price range of most small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs.

In addition, data is being created at such a high rate today that is just as likely to become a hindrance as an asset. Businesses need to be able to separate relevant data that can provide insights from irrelevant data that only gets in the way. Unfortunately, the irrelevant data is growing at an exponential rate.

DaaS can help businesses deal with the high costs of data management, while also helping them overcome the issues created by rapid data growth. These businesses are able to work directly with data providers who can help them find the data they need to be successful, while also taking advantage of many flexible payment models. As a result, businesses can save money, still get the data they need, and not have to worry about being overwhelmed by irrelevant data.

For all of these reasons, DaaS is a perfect match for small businesses and startups. We are living in a business world where having access to data isn’t just something that would be nice to have; it’s an absolute imperative. DaaS works for small businesses because it brings the insights that data can offer into their price range.

Are you a small business owner or an entrepreneur? Why not try taking advantage of DaaS, and seeing what benefits it can offer for you?


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