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Although desktop computers are generally more affordable and sturdier than laptop computers, you’ll still want to make sure you are making the most of the money you spend on your desktops by keeping them up and running for as long as possible. Follow these tips to take care of your desktop computers:

  1. Clean the internal components. Unlike laptops, which are typically carried from place to place frequently, desktop computers are generally sitting and gathering dust from the day they’re first acquired. To prevent any performance issues that may go along with excess amounts of dust, remove the physical casing of your desktop tower and clean out the components using a compressed air duster. Make sure to check your computer manual for guidance on how to open your tower.
  2. Run an anti-malware scanner. Of course, you should always have real-time antivirus software installed on your desktops, but they won’t always catch everything. That’s why it helps to take precautions by running an anti-malware scanner on a weekly basis. As a small business owner, your desktops can be frequent malware targets, and you simply can’t afford not to take the extra step to protect yourself.
  3. Back up your data frequently. It should go without saying, but the data stored on your desktops is much more important than the machines themselves. If your desktops happen to break down, they can easily be replaced. You may not like having to spend the extra money, but it probably won’t be bad enough to put you out of business. On the other hand, losing data that hasn’t been backed up properly can be catastrophic for your business, because once it’s gone, it’s gone. Come up with a frequent backup schedule to make sure your data is never at risk.

Even if you follow all of these tips, there are still some problems that you can’t avoid. That’s why it’s good to have an experienced IT support partner that you can trust to get your desktops up and running again when they do go down.

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